ping pong, pac man, lines and boxes, tic tac toe, brick breaker interacting together are displayed from left to right

Learn Java by Game programming

Learn Java concepts while you develop games like Tic Tac Toe, Lines and Boxes, PacMan, Ping Pong, Bricks, etc... Use Tic Tac Toe to learn basic Java, Lines and Boxes to learn intermediate Java and PacMan, Ping Pong, Bricks, etc... to learn advanced Java. It is instructor-led private online training. Coach has industry experience in programming and teaching.

Age: > 11 yrs
Session: 1hr or 2hrs a day

tic tac toe game of X and O with X and O 
    					replaced by star and smily

Tic Tac Toe using basic java

9 hrs
5 or 9 days
No prior knowledge needed

Learn basic concepts like variables, primitive and reference types, arrays, control statements, loop statements, etc ... by applying them to build the Tic Tac Toe game.

An array is applied to build a game board. Loop makes a game loop. Keyboard inputs provide interaction in the program. So, to learn and practice concepts, an end to end game is developed.

Also, as a side effect, learn Game development basics.

USD 270  
game of lines and boxes

Lines and Boxes using intermediate java

16 hrs
8 or 16 days
Knowledge of basic java needed

Lines and Boxes is a common paper and pen game played by children around the world. So, this is built to apply and learn intermediate java concepts like Class and Object, inheritance, association, polymorphism, encapsulation, collections, etc...

An Array of objects is applied to build a virtual game board. Object-oriented concepts are applied to exercise code reuse. User inputs are read by the program to provide interaction. Exception handling makes the program resilient. This way, the intermediate concepts are learned and reinforced by an end to end game development exercise.

Game development basics are learned as a side effect.

USD 480  
image representing pac-man game ping pong game brick breaker game

Pac-Man, Ping Pong or Brick Breaker using advanced java

22 hrs
11 or 22 days
Knowledge of intermediate java needed
  • Pac-Man is a maze arcade game.
  • Ping Pong is table tennis like an arcade game.
  • Brick Breaker is a game where bricks are destroyed by hitting balls.

Learn advanced java concepts like GUI, Threads, Listeners, Object-Oriented concepts, etc... by applying them to build a game from scratch.

A Collection of objects is applied to make a game board. Classes, Objects, Interfaces, Object-Oriented concepts, Java API library, etc... are used to develop a GUI based interactive game. Exception handling is applied to make the program resilient. Threads make it dynamic. So, to practice advanced java concepts, a visually interactive game is developed.

Pick one of the games listed here or suggest another arcade game of your choice of a comparable degree of complexity. Just mention the game at the beginning of the training. These training courses are customizable as they are delivered on a one on one basis as opposed to classroom training.

Also, as a side effect, learn Game development basics.

USD 660