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Our online java tutors provide one on one private lessons. We use gotomeeting during the private java lessons. Gotomeeting is a web-conferencing software that allows screen sharing and voice conversation. Since the lessons are one on one, you get 100% attention during the private lessons. The java tutor talks to the student through out the lesson while the student is coding. So, you get hands on coding experience. The student can interrupt the java tutor at any moment and ask questions.

Online Java tutor can adapt to student's speed. If a student already know some of the very basic concepts, the tutor can move on other topics. The time saved can be spent on other difficult concepts. If a student is very novice, the tutor can spend more time on the basic concepts to teach them well.

Private java tutoring is example based. Simple examples are used to teach individual java concepts. Later java examples use multiple concepts. You get excercises to do between lessons to re-enforce what you learnt during the lesson.

Online private java tutoring lessons can be taken from anywhere. You can learn from home, from office, park, cafe, library or from a hostel if you or your kid is over there. Online java tutoring can suite your schedule as we would try and set up a lesson time as close to your required time as possible.

Online java tutor can help you learn based on your school java assignment, work java assignment, masters java project, personal java project or you can choose one of our java courses. You can also learn to prepare for java certification exams.

Our online java tutors are focussed on Java and Java related technologies. They have java working and java tutoring experience. They are atleast graduates.