Two dimensional arrays

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Author: Bharat Chhajer


Java Arrays allow you to store a number of values of the same type. Two dimensional array is created as an array of arrays. Lets say we want to store low and high temperatures of 4 days, Monday through Thrusday. We would create an array like

Two dimenstional array described using memory diagram.

We are actually creating two arrays of 4 double variables each. Low temperatures for 4 days would be stored in one and High temperatures for 4 days would be stored in another. The reference/address of this two arrays would be stored where ? For that an array of 2 reference variables is created and its reference is stored in LHTemp. The LHTemp array is used to store the reference of the low and high temperature arrays. So, LHTemp is an array containing references of the two other arrays. Hence LHTemp is an array of arrays.

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Author: Bharat Chhajer