About us

Picture of CEO at JavaSprint. His name is Bharat Chhajer

I am Bharat Chhajer. I have worked on-site on projects for J P Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, Owens Corning and Ford. I have 11 years of experience in software industry, 9 years specializing in Java and 6 of which were in the United States. To experience my tutoring you may take a demo hour which is free. I began my career as a programmer and was promoted to Lead Programmer, Architect, and Manager. I have worked in all areas of the software development life cycle, including, but not limited to: requirement gathering and analysis, gap and impact analysis, architecture design and software design, development, implementation and deployment. I am well versed in latest technologies that include Java and JEE Technologies, Design patterns, UML, Open source software and tools. After working in various roles, i returned from USA to India. My current goal is to provide unmatched training in Java, JEE, XML and Open Source Technologies through Java Sprint from here. To make sure that the training is and stays effective, i deliver training myself for some hours a day. So, do ask for me and i might become your Java Teacher. Looking forward to "meeting" you. Java Sprint provides highly qualified, experienced Java Tutors who have the knowledge, skills, proven method and technology to teach students one-on-one remotely, so you can learn Java from your home, your office, at a cafe, at the beach, or wherever you have Internet access.

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US: 281-694 4124
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NZ:   09-889 4124
AU: 03-9015 4124
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Vision :

Our vision is to provide best training by effective method in Java, JEE, XML, PHP, MySql, Databases and Open Source Technologies. The training that is aimed at making a student fundamentally strong in concepts and self reliant. Teaching the fundamentals of what the objects are ? What they look like in memory ? What is Object Oriented Programming needs to be well understood. Our aim is to provide an understanding of that first before getting to things like sockets, threads, JDBC, spring, struts, hibernate, EJB, PHP, MySql, cloud, cluster and other open source technologies.

Mission :

Our mission is to:

Strategy :

Creating the best courses, hiring the best tutors, providing a stable infrastructure and effective sessions will be the four areas of our focus. We will build the courses and the course material, which are aimed at making students strong on fundamentals and self reliant on new projects. The courses will cover all the advanced and important topics to match up with the job market needs. The strategy would be to improve the course based on market developments and update the course material based on feedback from tutors and students. To enable delivery of effective sessions, we will hire highly qualified, experienced Java Tutors who have the knowledge, skills, good language and communication skills.