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  How do we teach ?  
  • The training is one on one and online.
  • It is provided by web- conferencing and audio communication using GoToMeeting Web service.
  • The student can have any development software on his/her machine. Eclipse software is preferred (we can help you install it).
  • The student can specify the hour of the day and the days of the week to meet and reserve the times.
  • A trainer makes an initial contact with the student by phone or Skype at the reserved time.
  • Then the trainer provides a link to join the web- conferencing.
  • It takes less than a minute to get connected.
  • Then the Student shares the screen (only view permissions are needed) with the trainer and brings up the development software on his own machine. Now both can see Student's screen.
  • The trainer starts giving instructions to code a program to teach a concept. And the student codes the program.
  • While the program is being coded, the trainer explains the concept and its usage.
  • Student is free to interrupt and ask questions as they occur.
  • The trainer would also explain how things work behind the scenes.
  • Wherever required diagrams will be used for the explanation.

To experience the training, take a free demo for an hour by a live trainer.

Contact for Java Training / Demo
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020-3287 4124
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