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"I had studied two Java modules for my degree, but had limited experience of actually putting some of the book learning into practice. I didn't have people locally that I could ask questions of so after a Google search I found JavaSprint. It is always a leap of faith when you find someone in this way but I decided give it a go. I am happy that I did; Bharat is patient and very knowledgeble and really cares that the student learns how to do things themselves. The fact that I could talk with him about areas of interest to me was important: I decided the direction of the lessons. Bharat is not interested in just lecturing the student with information, he encourages and enables learning based on doing it yourself, stepping in with the right cue when necessary. Sometimes no matter how many books you consult or internet searches you do to get over some programming problem, it still eludes you. A simple question to the right person can clear up the matter in no time: Bharat is such a person."

Zac, Dublin, Ireland

"I recently went back to school and revamped my Computer Science / Software Engineering skill sets. The language was Java, the assignment was Artificial Intelligence, and I was in trouble. I understood what I needed to do, but, I was not having much success getting it done. I googled `Java Tutor`, randomly selected Bharat`s javasprint.com Website, contacted him by phone, and received a demo of his teaching methodology along with a clear, concise, and accurate explanation of where I went wrong in my assignment and why. I have subsequently completed his courses in Java and Advanced Java / J2EE, and found it to be a rewarding educational experience. All I needed was a computer, a telephone, an hour a day, and a desire to learn."

Joshua Bullard, M.Sc. Compute Science, Barnegat, New Jersey

"I was not sure how the one week course would fare with my child. My daughter who is 13 years old really enjoyed the one week Java course with Bharat. This was her first introduction to coding and she was really involved in writing the codes for the apps that the instructor assigned her everyday. She is keen to take the next level course after taking the introductory course."

Jyothi Malhan, Houston, TX

"I came to Bharat in a time of need. I have used other Java tutors in an effort to learn the harder aspects of JEE material. None of these face-to-face experiences left me satisfied; either the tutors did not understand the material or their communication skills were unprofessional. I decided to try Bharats online program even though I was skeptical about the educational payoff. After using his services the past few months I recommend him to anyone out there with a Java related hurdle. Bharat knows his Java specifications inside and out, has great experience developing in the language and is very organized. He easily communicates OOAD principles in a way that sticks. I work with GIS systems as a programmer, cartographer and analyst. I want more development time with JEE principles so I can get a full -time programming gig in a larger enterprise system. I am sticking with Bharat because he is so good at his job and I know I will reach my educational goals."

Greg Corradini, Seattle, WA, USA.

"As a sophomore in high school, I wanted to take the Computer Science AP course. However, as my school didn`t offer that, I decided to try studying this online with Bharat. Bharat is the first online tutor I had and I was slightly skeptical. However, Bharat cleared all my doubts and helped me breeze through a course that I initially thought quite daunting. In his 14 hour basic JAVA course, I was able to grasp the outline of all the material. With about an hour of week of tutoring after that, I managed to score a 5 on the AP test. Thanks JavaSprint!"

Leon, Scarsdale, New York.

"It goes without saying Bharat this opportunity to be one of your many students is an honor and a privilege. Throughout my entire learning experience you are the first teacher I`ve ever met who genuinely is just as committed, if not more to the student and their learning.

Accomplished teachers have a rich understanding of the subjects they teach, but what I`ve learned from you is that a GREAT teacher is patient, flexible and has an everlasting impact on a student`s life. What a difference you have made. You have taken an individual who knew absolutely nothing about writing code in a programming language called Java and not to mention who was utterly intimated by the curly braces surrounding the bodies of classes and methods. To someone who can now have a meaningful and insightful conversation about object-oriented programming and run code that produces an output, ranging from arrays to loops to accessing objects through reference variables just to name a few.

They say the greatest gift a teacher can give a student can run the gamut from learning, to learning without ceasing to creating a thirst for knowledge to bright minds. However for me the greatest gift a teacher can give a student is through their unwavering commitment encouragement to never give up because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass. Thank you for believing in me, Bharat I am one step closer now."

Marie, Alpharetta, Georgia.

"I came to Bharat for help in my summer holidays before my University began to help me get a introduction into java programming so that I would be able to find programming more easier at University. Bharat was very patient in teaching and gave clear explanations on different topics. He was willing to help me in any area of java programming. He is well organised and he use to give to me a lot of assignments which i wanted and task to complete which helped my learning."

Scherezade, Wellington New Zealand

"Being a working professional I was in a need to learn java as practical as possible ,thats when i got Javasprint website on google:). Thanks bharat, you are an excellent teacher and have inspired me to continue learning and get certified with good score. Most of all i really liked the way you teach the session by letting student Understand and program from Day1. This skills and knowledge I gained in your classes will surely help me in my career. Thank you, again, for giving me this valuable learning experience."

Ramya, NC, USA

"As an IT professional upgrading his skills with the latest J2EE technologies I found JavaSprint to be a highly effective means to gain hands on experience with JSP, servlets, and JSTL technologies. The training was delivered around my busy schedule by a knowlegeable and well-prepared IT professional. To keep up with the latest technology trends in a timely and cost-effective manner I highly recommend JavaSprint as a training resource."

Jim, Lakewood, Colorado

"I just completed the basic Java training with Bharat. I can only say wonderful things about him. He is very knowledgeable and more importantly takes the time to make sure the basic concepts are being grasped. I was a bit skeptical about how a online training format would work, but it is almost like having a private one on one tutor. I can attest with utmost confidence that I have benefitted from this training. I shall definitely contact Bharat for a server side class in the near future."

Arati, Houston, TX.

"I found Bharat after talking to a coworker who directed me to his website. I am a Quality Assurance Analyst and wanted to upgrade my skill set to white box testing by learning Java. I did not want to waste time reading technical books. In the few weeks I spent with Bharat I was able to understand the basic concepts of Java, to continue learning on my own, where I could apply it on the job. His method of teaching helped me to focus on learning the concepts of programming, just what I needed to keep me current in my field."

Carmen, NY, NY

"Having been placed on an Agile Development Team at work, I needed to learn Java and J2EE in a hurry. I tried 3 expensive off-site classes with one repeat, books, and on-line tutorials. I was an old-school programmer, set in my ways, and nothing was working. I began searching for on-on-one tutors, and discovered Java Sprint. The method used by Java Sprint was exactly what I was looking for. My tutor Bharat used a combination of live sessions via phone and GoToMeeting, and off-line lessons to help me learn the components, methods, procedures, and best practices of Java programming and web development. Java Sprint helped me come up to speed in my work environment and prepared me for Java Associate Programmer Certification in about a year`s time, with two 1-hour lessons per week. The lessons were effective, fun, and very affordable. I am extremely impressed, and recommend Java Sprint highly to anyone needing to learn telecommunications and programming skills. These folks will help you get the job done."

James Jones, National Education Association, Washington DC

"I came to Bharat after struggling through 6 weeks of AP Computer Science A. I had covered just the basic concepts in class and was feeling overwhelmed by the material. Doing a 1 hour session each week with him was all it took to get back on track with the other students. Bharat always went at slow pace as I was trying to thoroughly understand the material. You could ask him the same question over and over again, and he would still have the same amount of patience. With his tutoring I was able to achieve an A+ in the class. In addition to the class , there is a College Board AP exam at the end of the year, and with Bharat`s help I got a 5/5 on the exam. Thank you so much Bharat!!"

Rohan Diora, Dallas, Texas, USA.

"My experience having Java tutoring sessions was a fulfilling one. I felt that my tutor, Bharat, was genuinely interested in my understanding of Java. It was really convenient to go to college during the day, and in the evening be able to get extra help from Bharat. Most importantly, he was extremely thorough and articulate. He taught me at an easygoing pace to ensure my understanding. He challenged me by giving me exercises that would emphasize what we did in the session, or what was taught in class. When I needed, he could patiently explain one concept in 15 different ways. He knew exactly what we needed to work on next and could tune into what my specific problems were. He covered more than enough angles than what my class had even required, but it was that extra understanding that truly made me more apt with Java. I started out failing my class, but came out with flying colors in the end, thanks to my tutor. I plan on using JavaSprint as much as I can, because it was an effective individual learning experience taught by knowledgeable professionals. Bharat really made a difference in my learning."

Padma Iyer, Atlanta, GA

"I approached java sprint after completing my first year at university and struggling with my java programming module. At the end of this module was an exam where i was required to solve problems (using java) ranging from simple through to quite complex. I started with Bharat and Java Sprint about a month before the exam and had 2-3 hours a week and during that month i learnt more and developed my skills further than a whole year previously at university! Had it not been for this tutoring most of the problems in the exam would have left me stuck and now i also feel confident enough to even try making some proper programs of my own from scratch. Thanks Bharat and Java Sprint!"

Alex Trickle, Ashtead, Surrey, England

"I found Bharat after a thorough search on the WWW for a java tutor. Many other tutors seemed to be fly-by-night operations, but I felt confident about Bharat from the moment I contacted him. My confidence was confirmed by Bharat's fair payment policies and rates. Bharat answered my initial inquiry the same day. Within a couple of days I began my tutoring sessions to help me with a graduate class in Java that I was struggling with. Bharat is extremely well versed in all aspects of Java. He was very patient and was always able to find and fix fundamental gaps in my knowledge affecting my abilities to understand harder concepts. Bharat did not do my work for me- he taught me how to navigate around Java so that I could work successfully on my own. I would highly recommend Bharat to anyone looking for a Java tutor, whether for a school or work project. Bharat will give you the tools so you can confidently work in Java long after he is gone. "

Rebecca D., Stamford, CT, USA

"I was taking an online Java course and was totally and completely lost. For some reason, the principles of Java were just not sinking in for me reading a book and lecture notes. I started tutoring with Bharat and within a couple of sessions really started to get a handle on it, a few more sessions and I managed to get an A in my course and really feel like I am now a competent Java programmer. It's not just that Bharat is great at explaining things, it's that he knows what fundamentals are important to really understand in order to be successful with Java and makes sure you understand those. Without Bharat's help, I am certain that I would not have been even remotely as successful. His tutoring made all the difference. It was a great experience working with Bharat and I would not hesitate to give him my highest recommendation."

Heather Mann, Boulder, Colorado

"I never imagined that receiving online tutoring in JAVA programming would be effective until I actually tried it for the very first time. I am really glad that I've received tutoring from JavaSprint because it literally saved my grade. Mr. Bharat, who was my tutor for the duration of one semester, is an exceptionally talented individual who is very knowledgeable in JAVA. You will never be disappointed in his abilities to get you up-to-speed with JAVA programming. If it wasn't for his tutoring, I can honestly say that I would not have survived my Data Structure course required for my B.S.I. T. degree. His coaching really made me become successful in my course and I could not have done it without his help. He is probably one of the best person to teach anyone that feels lost in the world of JAVA! He is very flexible with time constraints also. I think I learned more from Mr. Bharat in just few months than I have in my 2 yrs of programming. His teaching style is very effective and I wondered , many times over , why my professors can't teach like him. I can honestly say that every dollar you invest with JavaSprint will truly be worth it."

Mathew, Lutz, Florida.

"I was taking my first Java class in college and it was very challenging at times. I looked for Java programming help on the internet, but most outfits looked skeptical, and others charged a lot more. With many of the programming helps I found you didn't know what you would get. You would send them the assignment or parameters of the program then they would send you a draft, and if you thought the program was good then you would have to pay them before they would send you the program. That was not the kind of help or policy I was looking for.Then I landed at Javasprint.com and after a few days of reading the customer reviews and looking for other helps I decided to give Javasprint a try. After the first session I continued to use Javasprint for tutoring on my java programming assignments and for help programming. At javasprint they do not just do the programming for you they help you do the programming yourself and understand it. I think that Javasprint's prices are decent. The overall experience at Javasprint was good.If you don't want to cheat yourself then I definitely recommend Javasprint.com."

Shane, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"I found Bharat because I had to work on my M.S project and needed help with Java coding. Bharat is very knowledgeable, helpful and responsible. He has the expertise in Java and Object Oriented Programming. Because of his expertise, he can understand the code I have written, and help me to re-factor it. Also because of his expertise, he can tell what I need to work on and advise training sessions to fit my needs. As a tutor, he explains the difficult concepts well by explaining them in easy terms, and makes sure that I understand those concepts. Bharat is easy to work with and is willing to work with me at my own pace, and is able to handle my emergency requests such having extra sessions to meet my deadlines. Overall, I'm glad I found Bharat to be my tutor. It was a good experience. I would recommend him to people who need an online Java tutor, either for learning about Java concepts or work on a Java application project."

Linda, San Jose, CA.

"As a working professional who is pursuing a degree part-time and online, I can't speak highly enough of the Java Sprint Tutoring Service. From day one, the level of service has been top notch and has exceeded my expectations of what an online tutoring service could provide. What sticks out the most to me as a student is Bharat's ability to simplify even the most complex concepts of programming so that even the most inexperienced beginner or novice can understand. This is a service that is worth every penny. Thanks Bharat!"

Doug, Philadelphia, PA.

"I was extremely satisfied with the quality of service offered by JavaSprint. While enrolled in my Advanced Placement Java class in school, I seemed to have fallen behind. Before requesting JavaSprint's tutoring service, I was confused and lacked a proper understanding of key java components central to the ability to program. Before giving up hope; however, I was determined to see if there was any online help, capable of relieving my situation. While searching the internet one day, I found this website and immediately started my tutoring session with an extremely qualified and encouraging tutor who, within two sessions, brought me up to speed from weeks of misunderstanding. I was finally able to wrap my brain around several of the difficult concepts of Java thanks to the clarity in which the java tutor explained each of the java concepts I was struggling with. I fully recommend this service to anyone who is struggling in their ability to write Java code, as I can tell you from my own experience, that it was the best tutoring advice I ever received."

Shams Hirji, Diamond Bar, California.

"My computer science class was a nightmare. I wasn't getting the teacher's explanations and reading the book wasn't helping either. I wasn't the only one to have hard time with this class, many of my fellow students drop it. At some point, I taught that programming was not for me. When I called Bharat, he proved me to be wrong; his introductory tutoring session convinced me that programming is difficult to a person only when he/she does not get the right explanation. Thanks Bharat for everything; the book makes sense to me now and I am programming. "

Olivier, Vienna, Virginia.

"This is my first time with a online tutor,me being a tutor myself,I understand how difficult it is to teach online with the given timeframe.I really appreciate his work. His Java knowledge is also very good.He quickly understands the problem and suggests various ways to debug it.Keep going Bharat."

Priya, MN.

"Hi everyone, I'm working on my Master's in IS. Bharat Chhajer was my tutor when I needed assistance with my Object Oriented Application Development (Java) course. What can I say, he literally saved my grade. It was about four(4) weeks before the class ended and I went on-line to find a java tutor and found Bharat. He literally took me from a 'D' to an 'A' in four weeks. I can not say enough about his ability, skills and kindness. He not only saved my grade but I also learned Java - I learned more in four(4) weeks from Bharat than I did in the last year of usig it and the last course in Java I took.
His knowledge of Java and skills in programmin with it are extraordinary. He impressed me so much that during one of my 'chat session' for the class I recommended him to one of my fellow classmates who was struggling. It was two weeks before class ended and he too got an 'A'. My class mate let me know during our next course, that 'I was an angel' for recommended Bharat to him.
He stated that 'Bharat literally pulled a rabbit out of that old proverbial hat'. He continuously thanked me for suggesting he test content get a tutor and for that tutor being Bharat.
I enjoyed the tutoring sessions so much that I continued after the class was over. I also, have him on stand-by for my next Java class in about a month. I have also, contacted him for other related IT issues, including recommending him as a consultant for one of the engineering application projects that my company (Northrop Grumman) is working to develop.
If you are in need of a Java tutor I highly recommend Bharat and will be calling upon him and recommending in the future. "

Gladys Butler, VA.

"Mr. Bharat provided me with tutoring sessions in Java programming. His methods of tutoring were instrumental in my understanding and use of Java programming code that included classes, methods, variables and arrays. His tutoring assisted me in completing programming assignments for a Master's level college course in Information Management. Mr. Bharat was timely in starting the sessions, always providing me with instruction for the full time called for in our agreement. He tailored his instruction to the specific processes for which I needed help. I recommend Mr. Bharat to anyone needing tutoring in Java programming."

Maceo Mays, Bowie, Maryland.

"Very resposible for every student, makes sure that every concept is understood, very open to any kind of question, very flexible with time and works with you, recommened for everyone."

Sara, PA.

"Though having worked on academic projects and been thru' college research work, I still lacked the confidence in clearing technical interviews because there was so much more that companies expected in terms of technology and understanding, not formally thought in schools. These technologies and concepts learnt with Bharat not only strengthened my understanding, but also gave me a kind a independence to work, explore and learn a lot by myself. His methodology of learning with examples and analogies gives a broader picture and hence greater grasp to technology. Feeling short of words, I strongly recommend you to experience it."

Ankitkumar, Stamford,CT.

"I have taken two semesters of Java at the University level and can honestly say that the tutoring I received from Javasprint was better than any of the classes I took. At school you learn a little bit of programming, but with Javasprint you actually learn Java. All the the basics were covered and explained better than any professor I ever had. I was amazed at how simple Java really is. If you are taking Java in school or just as a hobby, these tutor session will improve your learning curve faster than anything you thought possible. Thank you Java sprint for making my life a whole lot easier. "

Jose, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

"This is my first time I have ever used a tutor either online or in person. I was a little skeptical of an online tutoring service, but with my demanding job I needed someone who would accommodate my time schedule. Bharats web site and name came up after a search through Google. I emailed him and set up my first appointment. I was impressed, he covered the topics I was having problems with, and in a manner I could easily understand. He is extremely professional and definitely worth the price. He does not just answer your emails but will tutor you through the internet using a program called GoToMeeting. He has helped me with my homework, going over the concepts I do not understand. He keeps on reiterating the concepts during the sessions. This helps me, because it is learning a new language and the more I see, the more I hear, the better I will come to understand it.I highly recommend his services to anyone who is having problems with Java."


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